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phi the name of the twenty-first letter of the Greek alphabet.
phial a small, often cylindrical container for liquids; vial.
Phi Beta Kappa a national honor society whose members are chosen annually from among undergraduates in the arts and sciences who have achieved academic distinction. [2 definitions]
Philadelphia a city in southeastern Pennsylvania, the largest city in the state and one of the most populous in the U.S., important as a government center during the Revolutionary War and home to Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution were signed.
philander to have casual love affairs, esp. while married.
philanthropic of, concerning, or characterized by philanthropy.
philanthropist one who engages in philanthropy.
philanthropy a feeling of love and goodwill toward humankind in general. [3 definitions]
philately the study and collection of postage stamps and things related to them, such as postmarks; stamp collecting.
-phile a person who is attracted to; lover of.
Philemon a book of the New Testament, consisting of a letter written by the apostle Paul to a friend.
philharmonic of or relating to a symphony orchestra. [3 definitions]
-philia love of; tendency toward; attraction to, esp. of an abnormal nature or degree.
Philippians a book of the New Testament, consisting of a letter written by the apostle Paul to the Christians of Philippi.
Philippic any of the orations delivered by the Athenian statesman Demosthenes against Philip II of Macedon in the fourth century B.C. [2 definitions]
Philippine of or pertaining to the Philippines, their people, culture, languages, or the like.
Philippine mahogany any of various Philippine and southeast Asian trees that yield a reddish wood resembling mahogany. [2 definitions]
Philippines a Pacific island country across the South China Sea from Vietnam; Philippine Islands; Republic of the Philippines.
Philistia an ancient country that flourished in southwestern Palestine in biblical times.
Philistine a member of a non-Semitic people of Philistia who repeatedly warred with the ancient Hebrews. [4 definitions]
philo- loving; liking.