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picnic table a rectangular table designed for outdoor eating, typically made of wood and having benches attached.
picot one of a series of ornamental loops added to the edge of lace, embroidery, or the like.
picotee a kind of carnation having light petals with a darker border.
picrate an ester or salt of picric acid, usu. very explosive.
picric acid a poisonous acid used in analytical chemistry and in making dyes and explosives.
picro- bitter.
Pict one of an ancient people of Great Britain who were driven into Scotland by the Britons and Romans.
pictograph a pictorial sign or symbol that represents a word or idea; hieroglyph. [3 definitions]
pictorial pertaining to, made of, or containing pictures. [4 definitions]
picture a painting, drawing, or photograph. [8 definitions]
picture graph a graph that uses pictures to convey information.
picturesque visually pleasing, enchanting, or unusual; suggestive of a picture or painting. [2 definitions]
picture tube the cathode-ray tube in a television receiver, with a screen at one end on which televised images appear.
picture window a large window, often found in a living room, that is intended to offer a broad, framed view of the outside.
picture writing writing that consists of pictures, figures, and pictorial symbols. [2 definitions]
piddle to squander or waste, esp. on trifles (usu. fol. by "away"). [3 definitions]
piddling having no or very little significance; negligible; trivial.
pidgin a simplified language based on a combination of two languages, used by those who need to communicate but who do not speak each other's language.
pidgin English (sometimes cap.) a pidgin language based on English that is used, often in commerce, in Papua New Guinea, parts of eastern Asia, Melanesia, and West Africa. [2 definitions]
pie1 a pastry crust filled with meat, cheese, fruit, or other filling, sometimes covered with a layer of crust, and baked in a shallow pan.
pie2 the magpie.