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pigsty a yard or cage in which pigs are kept; pigpen. [2 definitions]
pigtail a braid of hair that hangs downward from the back of the head.
pigweed any of several wild plants having coarse leaves and small green flowers, such as certain types of goosefoot and amaranth.
PIK abbreviation of "payment in kind."
pika any of a family of small mammals related to rabbits that are found in rocky, mountainous regions of western North America and Asia.
pike1 any of several large freshwater fishes with elongated, flattened snouts, that are caught for food or sport. [2 definitions]
pike2 a long pole with a sharp head, formerly used by foot soldiers as a weapon.
pike3 a road on which a toll is charged; turnpike.
pike4 any sharp point, as on an arrow.
piker (informal) a person who is exceptionally careful with money or who does things in a stingy or small way; cheapskate.
pikestaff the long shaft of a soldier's pike. [2 definitions]
pilaf a dish originating in the Middle East and consisting of rice cooked in a broth, often with vegetables, meat, seasonings, or the like.
pilaster a decorative architectural element that resembles a column, usu. complete with base and capital, and set against or into a wall.
Pilate the Roman governor of Judea who presided at the trial of Jesus Christ and authorized his crucifixion; Pontius Pilate.
pilau a variant of pilaf.
pilchard any of a number of small, oily marine fishes such as the sardine.
pilcrow a typographical symbol () used to indicate the beginning of a paragraph. It is sometimes called a paragraph marker.
pile1 an accumulation of things on top of each other; heap; stack. [7 definitions]
pile2 a large shaft of steel, wood, concrete, or the like that is forced or pounded into the ground to serve as a structural and supporting element of a wall, building, or the like. [3 definitions]
pile3 the projecting loops or strands of yarn that form the surface of some fabrics, rugs, and the like. [3 definitions]
pileate in ornithology, having a crest that extends from the base of the bill to the nape. [2 definitions]