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pillow talk private conversation of an intimate nature, as between a husband and wife in bed.
pilose covered with hair, esp. soft fine hair; downy or furry.
pilot the operator of an aircraft. [6 definitions]
pilotage the action, process, or procedures of piloting or navigating. [2 definitions]
pilot balloon a small balloon released to determine wind speed and direction.
pilot biscuit see "hardtack."
pilot film a film or tape of one episode of a proposed television series, designed to attract commercial sponsors and enlist network support.
pilotfish a small spiny-finned marine fish with a widely forked tail, often found near sharks.
pilothouse a sheltered part of a ship containing the steering device and instruments for navigation; wheelhouse.
pilot lamp a small electric light that indicates, when lit, that current is flowing in an electric circuit. [2 definitions]
pilotless combined form of pilot.
pilot light a small gas flame in gas stoves, furnaces, and heaters which can be kept burning day and night and from which a gas burner can be ignited. [2 definitions]
Pilsener a light lager beer, traditionally served in a tall, conical glass.
Piltdown man a skull, found in 1911, believed to represent a species of prehistoric human but shown in 1953 to be a forged composite of modern human and ape bone fragments.
Pima a member of a North American Indian people living in Arizona and northern Mexico. [2 definitions]
Pima cotton a very strong, smooth, fine variety of long-staple cotton.
pimento a sweet, red, bell-shaped pepper or the plant on which it grows; pimiento. [3 definitions]
pimento cheese a processed cheese that contains pieces of pimento.
pimiento a red garden pepper, or a small pickled strip of it, used to stuff olives, garnish salads, and the like; pimento.
pimp a person, usu. a man, who secures customers for and manages a prostitute's business for money. [2 definitions]
pimpernel any of a number of plants of the primrose family that bear red, white, or purple flowers.