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piney variant of piny.
pinfeather an undeveloped feather just emerging through the skin of a bird, and often still encased in a horny sheath.
ping to emit a short, sharp, high-pitched sound, as of metal striking metal. [2 definitions]
pin game see "ring and pin game."
Ping-Pong trademark for table tennis.
pinguid greasy; oily; fat.
pinhead the flat head of a straight pin. [2 definitions]
pinheaded (informal) lacking good sense; silly; stupid.
pinhole a tiny hole, esp. one made by a pin.
pinion1 a small gear that engages a larger one.
pinion2 any of the feathers that a bird uses for flight. [7 definitions]
pink1 a pale reddish color; the color that results when white and red paint are mixed. [5 definitions]
pink2 to cut a scalloped or notched edge on. [3 definitions]
pinkeye a contagious inflammation of the inner part of the eyelids, characterized by reddened eyes; conjunctivitis.
pinkie (informal) the finger farthest from the thumb; little finger.
pinking shears shears with notched blades, used to cut pinked edges in fabric.
pink lady a cocktail made of gin, egg white, lemon or lime juice, and grenadine.
pinko (derogatory slang) one whose political views are moderately leftist.
pink river dolphin a large South American freshwater dolphin, having a pink, light blue, or gray color, a long, thin snout, and a bulbous forehead.
pinkroot any of various plants, found esp. in the southeastern United States, whose root was formerly ingested to expel worms.
pink root a fungus disease affecting onions and similar plants that causes the roots to shrink and turn pink.