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pinking shears shears with notched blades, used to cut pinked edges in fabric.
pink lady a cocktail made of gin, egg white, lemon or lime juice, and grenadine.
pinko (derogatory slang) one whose political views are moderately leftist.
pink river dolphin a large South American freshwater dolphin, having a pink, light blue, or gray color, a long, thin snout, and a bulbous forehead.
pinkroot any of various plants, found esp. in the southeastern United States, whose root was formerly ingested to expel worms.
pink root a fungus disease affecting onions and similar plants that causes the roots to shrink and turn pink.
pink salmon a widespread species of small Pacific salmon.
pink slip (informal) a notice informing an employee of his or her dismissal from employment.
pin money a small sum of money set aside for incidental expenses.
pinna any of the leaflets of a pinnate leaf such as that of a fern. [3 definitions]
pinnace any of a variety of small boats, esp. one carried on a ship. [2 definitions]
pinnacle the highest point or part of anything; apex; summit. [5 definitions]
pinnate like a feather in appearance or structure. [2 definitions]
pinner a head-covering having long flaps of material pinned to each side.
pinniped of a suborder of carnivorous water mammals having finlike limbs, such as the walrus and seal. [2 definitions]
pinnule any of the lobes or divisions of a doubly compound leaf, as on ferns; secondary pinna. [2 definitions]
pin oak either of two tall oak trees of the eastern United States that are valued for their lumber and as shade trees.
pinochle a card game that two to four players play with a deck consisting of two each of the cards from nine to ace.
pinole a flour made of ground wheat or corn that is sweetened with the meal of mesquite beans.
piņon any of several pine trees that produce edible seeds, native to the Southwestern United States and Mexico.
pinot (sometimes cap.) see "pinot noir," "pinot blanc."