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pinnate like a feather in appearance or structure. [2 definitions]
pinner a head-covering having long flaps of material pinned to each side.
pinniped of a suborder of carnivorous water mammals having finlike limbs, such as the walrus and seal. [2 definitions]
pinnule any of the lobes or divisions of a doubly compound leaf, as on ferns; secondary pinna. [2 definitions]
pin oak either of two tall oak trees of the eastern United States that are valued for their lumber and as shade trees.
pinochle a card game that two to four players play with a deck consisting of two each of the cards from nine to ace.
pinole a flour made of ground wheat or corn that is sweetened with the meal of mesquite beans.
piņon any of several pine trees that produce edible seeds, native to the Southwestern United States and Mexico.
pinot (sometimes cap.) see pinot noir, pinot blanc.
pinot blanc any of several varieties of white grape grown in Burgundy, France, that are used in the making of white wine and champagne.
pinot noir any of several varieties of purplish red grape grown in Burgundy, France, that are used in the making of red wine.
pinpoint anything that is exceptionally small, such as a spot of ink or a point on a map. [3 definitions]
pinprick a very small hole. [3 definitions]
pins and needles a prickly, tingling sensation in a limb that is recovering from numbness caused by temporarily poor blood circulation.
pinsetter a person or device that removes the pins struck down in a bowling alley and sets them up again.
pin stripe a very thin stripe, esp. on fabric used in the making of suits. [2 definitions]
pint in the US, a unit of capacity equal to sixteen fluid ounces or 4.73 deciliters and to one half quart or 5.51 deciliters of dry measure. (abbr.: pt.) [3 definitions]
pinta a contagious skin disease of the tropics, characterized by variously colored spots, that is caused by a spiral-shaped bacterium.
pintail a species of duck, the male of which has a long, pointed tail.
pintano any of various small, brightly colored, tropical reef fishes of the southern Atlantic.
pintle an upright pin or bolt on which another part pivots, used esp. in towing devices.