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pipestem the long thin tube extending from the bowl of a pipe, through which the smoker inhales. [2 definitions]
pipette a long, narrow, often graduated glass or plastic tube into which small quantities of liquid can be drawn by suction for measurement or transfer. [2 definitions]
pipe up to begin to speak or play music, esp. in a loud, assertive way.
piping the network of pipes used for a single purpose, such as the water system in a particular building. [6 definitions]
piping hot of food or drink, extremely but appropriately hot.
pipistrelle any of a genus of small bats, found in North America and most of the Eastern Hemisphere, that fly before nightfall.
pipit any of several small, brownish, insect-eating songbirds characterized by a streaked breast, slender bill, and the habit of walking instead of hopping.
pipkin a small earthenware cooking pot.
pippin any of a number of varieties of apple. [2 definitions]
pipsissewa any of several evergreen herbs bearing white or pink flowers and jagged leathery leaves, formerly used as a diuretic and tonic.
pipsqueak (informal) a person considered to be contemptibly small or insignificant.
piquant of food, having a deliciously sharp or spicy taste. [2 definitions]
piqué a type of ribbed fabric.
pique to incite to hostility or resentment, esp. by hurting the feelings. [4 definitions]
piquet a card game for two people that is played with a deck of thirty-two cards.
piracy robbery or illegal attack at sea. [2 definitions]
piragua a canoe made of a hollowed-out tree trunk; dugout. [2 definitions]
piranha any of various small freshwater fishes of South America that, in groups, often attack and eat large animals.
pirarucu see "arapaime."
pirate someone who, for private gain, attacks or plunders ships at sea or raids coastal settlements. [7 definitions]
pirogi small pastry turnovers of Russian origin that are filled with meat, fish, cheese, potatoes, or the like.