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piscine of, like, or pertaining to a fish or fishes.
piscivorous that feeds on fish; fish-eating.
pish used to express distaste, aversion, or impatience.
pismire an ant.
pismo clam an edible, heavy-shelled marine clam found on sandy beaches along the coasts of southern California and Mexico.
pisolite a small, rounded, pea-sized mass of calcium carbonate. [2 definitions]
piss (vulgar) urine. [2 definitions]
piss away to waste; squander.
pissed (slang; sometimes considered vulgar) angry; annoyed. [2 definitions]
pissed off (slang; sometimes considered vulgar) angry; furious.
pisser (vulgar slang) one that is difficult or unpleasant. [2 definitions]
piss off (slang; often considered vulgar) to make (someone) angry. [2 definitions]
pistachio an edible nut with a green tint, the tan shell of which is sometimes dyed red. [3 definitions]
pistil the organ of a flower that contains the ovule or ovules.
pistillate of a flower, having a pistil or pistils, esp. in the absence of stamens.
pistol a firearm made to be held and fired with one hand. [2 definitions]
pistole any of various gold coins formerly minted in certain European countries.
pistol-whip to strike violently and repeatedly with a pistol.
piston a usu. cylindrical machine part that moves up and down within a close-fitting sleeve and thereby powers an engine or the like.
piston ring a thin split metal ring that fits around a piston, in an automobile or other engine, to ensure a tight seal between the piston and the cylinder.
piston rod a rod connected to a piston that transfers its motion to another engine part.