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placket a slit at the top of a blouse, skirt, or the like, that makes it easier to put on and take off.
plage an area of cool or heated gas on the surface of the sun that appears as a dark or light patch on an image produced by a spectroheliograph.
plagiarism the act of wrongfully taking another's words, ideas, or the like and representing them as one's own. [2 definitions]
plagiarize to wrongfully and deliberately claim as one's own (the ideas, words, or the like) of someone else. [3 definitions]
plagiary plagiarism.
plagioclase any of several minerals of the feldspar family that are essential constituents of most igneous rocks.
plague any disaster that affects a large population, esp. a disease epidemic or the sudden influx of harmful insects. [6 definitions]
plaguy (informal) irksome; annoying; irritating. [2 definitions]
plaice any of various edible marine flatfishes; flounder.
plaid a fabric bearing a pattern of stripes of various widths and colors, intersecting at right angles. [3 definitions]
plain easily perceived by the eye or ear; clear; unobstructed. [8 definitions]
plainchant a plainsong.
plainclothesman a policeman, esp. a detective who wears civilian clothes while on duty.
plain dealing the conduct of business or similar transactions in a straightforward manner.
plain-laid of a rope, made of three strands laid together with a right-hand twist.
plain sailing sailing on a clear, smooth, unimpeded course. [2 definitions]
Plains Indian a member of any of the buffalo-hunting, seminomadic North American Indian peoples that formerly inhabited the Great Plains.
plainsman a man who lives on the plains, esp. a frontiersman or early settler on the prairies or plains of the midwestern and western United States.
plainsong an unaccompanied monophonic chant or melody, such as that used in Hindu and early Christian liturgies. [2 definitions]
plain-spoken saying exactly what one believes; frank; blunt.
plainswoman a woman who lives on the plains, esp. an early settler on the prairies of the midwestern and western United States.