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Pleistocene of, relating to, or designating the geological epoch at the start of the Quaternary Period, from approximately 1.8 million to 10 thousand years ago, when glacial ice was widespread and modern humans first appeared. [2 definitions]
plenary complete or absolute. [2 definitions]
plenary indulgence in the Roman Catholic Church, an indulgence that remits in full the temporal punishment still due to sin after absolution.
plenipotentiary an agent given full authority to act on behalf of another, esp. in diplomatic matters. [4 definitions]
plenitude abundance; fullness. [2 definitions]
plenteous plentiful; abundant. [2 definitions]
plentiful existing in or producing large amounts or quantities; abundant.
plenty a full provision or supply. [4 definitions]
plenum a space that encloses a volume of gas at greater pressure than exists outside the space, or the state of the gas thus enclosed. [3 definitions]
pleo- more.
pleonasm the use of more words than are needed to express an idea; redundancy. [3 definitions]
plesiosaur an extinct marine reptile of the Mesozoic era having paddle-like limbs, a large flat body, and a short tail.
plethora an amount that is more than enough; overabundance. [2 definitions]
pleura the thin membranous sac that envelops each lung and lines the thorax in mammals.
pleural cavity a narrow, fluid-filled space between the two membranes of the pleura, also known as the pleural space.
pleurisy inflammation of the membrane lining the outer surface of the lungs.
Plexiglas trademark for a synthetic resinous thermoplastic that is lightweight and transparent and used for windows, lenses, and the like.
plexiglass a transparent plastic that is often used as a lightweight, shatterproof alternative to glass.
plexus a complex interwoven network.
pliable easily bent; flexible; malleable. [3 definitions]
pliant easily flexed; supple. [2 definitions]