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plenum a space that encloses a volume of gas at greater pressure than exists outside the space, or the state of the gas thus enclosed. [3 definitions]
pleo- more.
pleonasm the use of more words than are needed to express an idea; redundancy. [3 definitions]
plesiosaur an extinct marine reptile of the Mesozoic era having paddle-like limbs, a large flat body, and a short tail.
plethora an amount that is more than enough; overabundance. [2 definitions]
pleura the thin membranous sac that envelops each lung and lines the thorax in mammals.
pleural cavity a narrow, fluid-filled space between the two membranes of the pleura, also known as the pleural space.
pleurisy inflammation of the membrane lining the outer surface of the lungs.
Plexiglas trademark for a synthetic resinous thermoplastic that is lightweight and transparent and used for windows, lenses, and the like.
plexiglass a transparent plastic that is often used as a lightweight, shatterproof alternative to glass.
plexus a complex interwoven network.
pliable easily bent; flexible; malleable. [3 definitions]
pliant easily flexed; supple. [2 definitions]
plicate existing or arranged in fanlike folds; pleated.
plier a thing or person that plies. [2 definitions]
pliers any of various tools that have opposed handles and jaws connected by a pivot and that are used for holding, bending, or cutting wire, metal, or the like.
plight1 a state or situation, esp. an unhappy or unlucky one; predicament.
plight2 to promise (one's faith) in engagement or marriage. [3 definitions]
Plimoth spelling of "Plymouth" originally used by English colonists who settled the Massachusetts area. (See Plymouth.)
plimsoll (chiefly British; old-fashioned) a canvas shoe with a rubber sole used primarily for playing sports; sneaker.
Plimsoll mark one of a series of lines on the hull of a merchant ship that indicate the depth to which, under different, legally specified circumstances, it may be loaded.