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plover any of various shorebirds that have a rounded body, short tail, and short bill.
plow a heavy farm tool that has a broad blade, is drawn by a tractor or animals, and is used for turning and cultivating the soil. [11 definitions]
plowable combined form of plow.
plowboy one who leads a team of draft animals pulling a plow. [2 definitions]
plowman a man who operates a plow. [2 definitions]
plowshare the cutting blade of a plow.
ploy a stratagem or maneuver used to gain advantage.
pluck to take hold of with the fingers and pull off or out; pick. [8 definitions]
plucky spirited and courageous in the face of difficulty.
plug an object made of cork, rubber, wood, or the like used to block an opening. [10 definitions]
plug-compatible of or designating computer equipment that can be linked with that of another manufacturer without electrical adapters.
plug in to connect (an appliance) to a power source.
plug-in a supplementary software application that adds enhanced functionality to a computer program. [2 definitions]
plug-in electric vehicle any motor vehicle powered by battery packs that can be recharged using an external source of electricity.
plug up to block the flow of a liquid or gas through (something). [2 definitions]
plum a type of sweet edible fruit with a smooth skin and a flattish stone. [6 definitions]
plumage the feathers of a bird.
plumb a small weight tied to a line and used to establish the depth of water or to verify a vertical alignment. [10 definitions]
plumb bob a usu. conical piece of metal attached to a line, used to determine true vertical; plumb or plummet.
plumber a person who fits and repairs plumbing. [2 definitions]
plumber's helper (informal) a large suction cup on a handle, used to clear drains; plumber's friend; plunger.