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pluralistic made up of or representing a number of distinct ethnic, cultural, or religious groups.
plurality the largest proportion of votes in an election, esp. when it is less than half the total, or the margin of votes separating the victor from the person who came second. [2 definitions]
pluralize to make or become plural in number or form.
plurally in a plural sense; as a plural.
plus added to. [7 definitions]
plus fours long, loose knickerbockers that are baggy below the knee.
plush a fabric having a long, soft pile. [3 definitions]
plus sign a mathematical sign (+) indicating addition or a positive quantity.
Pluto in Greek mythology, the god of wealth who is also identified with Hades, the Underworld. [2 definitions]
plutocracy a state or system of government in which the wealthy rule. [2 definitions]
plutocrat a member of a wealthy ruling class. [2 definitions]
plutonic of rocks, formed deep within the earth's surface by great heat and pressure and slow cooling.
plutonium a radioactive chemical element of the actinide series that has ninety-four protons in each nucleus and that is capable of explosive nuclear fission in a chain reaction, used as fuel in some types of nuclear reactors. (symbol: Pu)
pluvial having to do with rain, esp. a lot of rain; rainy. [2 definitions]
ply1 to employ (something) as a weapon or tool. [6 definitions]
ply2 a layer, as of wood products. [2 definitions]
Plymouth a U.S. town in southeastern Massachusetts. In 1620, English colonists known as the Pilgrims established a settlement called Plymouth Colony in this location, which later became the town of Plymouth.
plywood a sturdy board made from thin layers of wood tightly compressed and glued together, usu. with the grains at right angles.
Pm symbol of the chemical element promethium.
p.m. abbreviation of "post meridiem" (Latin); after noon, or the period of time from noon until midnight.
P.M. abbreviation of "Prime Minister," the chief minister and head of the cabinet in parliamentary governments.