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pneumatics (used with a sing. verb) the scientific study of the mechanical properties of gases.
pneumococcus a bacterium that can cause pneumonia.
pneumoencephalogram an x-ray of the spaces in the brain that contain fluid, after the replacement of the cerebrospinal fluid by air or gas.
pneumonia a serious disease caused by viruses, bacteria, or fluid in the lungs, and characterized by inflammation of one or both lungs.
pneumonic of or relating to the lungs. [2 definitions]
pneumothorax an abnormal accumulation of air in the pleural cavity, which can cause the lung to collapse.
pniese in Wampanoag language and culture, an elite warrior counselor.
Pnom-Penh variant of Phnom Penh.
Po symbol of the chemical element polonium.
P.O.1 abbreviation of "post office," a department or branch of a government responsible for the circulation of mail, esp. an office or division of this department at which mail is received and sorted, from which it is delivered, and at which stamps, money orders, and the like can be purchased.
P.O.2 abbreviation of "parole officer," a court-appointed official who supervises persons, including convicts, who are on probation.
poach1 to hunt, fish, or trap illegally or on another's land. [3 definitions]
poach2 to cook by boiling or simmering in water or other liquid.
poacher1 one who illegally hunts on another's property.
poacher2 a pan used for poaching eggs or fish.
pock a small pus-filled swelling on the skin caused by smallpox or a similar disease. [3 definitions]
pocket a small saclike piece of material, open at the top and sewn onto a garment to form a pouch for keeping coins and other small objects. [8 definitions]
pocketable combined form of pocket.
pocket billiards any of several versions of billiards or pool played on a six-pocket table with a cue ball and fifteen numbered balls.
pocketbook a small bag or case used to carry money and other personal items; handbag. [2 definitions]
pocket book a book, esp. a paperback, that is small enough to be carried in a pocket.