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poet one who writes poetry. [2 definitions]
poetaster an untalented or inept poet.
poetic like poetry in style or character. [4 definitions]
poeticize to make (feelings, thoughts, observations, or the like) poetic; express in poetry. [3 definitions]
poetic justice an outcome in real life or fiction in which someone receives a reward or punishment that is peculiarly or ironically appropriate.
poetic license any deviation from logic, fact, or convention that is made by a writer or other artist in order to achieve a particular effect.
poetics (used with a sing. verb) literary criticism dealing with the principles of poetry.
poetize to write or recite poetry. [4 definitions]
poet laureate in England, a poet honored by being appointed for life to an office in the royal household and traditionally expected to write poems celebrating events and persons of royal or national significance. [2 definitions]
poetry poems collectively. [3 definitions]
pogo stick a single stilt set on a strong spring, with footrests on either side on which a person stands to bounce along.
pogrom a systematic persecution or slaughter of an ethnic or religious group, esp. of Jews.
poi a Hawaiian food made from baked, mashed, and fermented taro root.
poignancy the quality or condition of being poignant.
poignant deeply touching; arousing strong emotion, esp. sadness or sympathy; piercing; penetrating.
poikilothermal having a body temperature that varies with the environment; cold-blooded.
poinciana any of several tropical trees or shrubs that bear large, bright red or orange flowers.
poinsettia a shrub native to Mexico and Central America that bears small yellow flowers surrounded by large, usu. red bracts.
point the sharp end of something. [18 definitions]
point after touchdown see "conversion."
point-blank of a gunshot or other shot, fired at very close range. [4 definitions]