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pole vault a field event in which the participants perform high vaults with the aid of a long flexible pole that propels them over a crossbar.
pole-vault to vault over a high crossbar with the aid of a pole; perform a pole vault.
police a department of a town, city, or state government that has the authority of enforcing laws, investigating crimes, and maintaining order; police force. [5 definitions]
police car a car used by police officers and equipped with a radiotelephone; patrol car; squad car.
police department a governmental agency whose purpose is to enforce the law and protect citizens and property from harm.
police dog a dog, often a German shepherd, that is trained to aid the police.
policeman a male member of a police force.
police officer a member of a police force; policeman or policewoman.
police state a country in which the government exercises rigid and usu. repressive control by means of a strong police force, esp. a secret police force.
police station the headquarters of the police of a certain area or precinct; station house.
policewoman a female member of a police force.
policlinic a department of a hospital in which patients who are able to enter and leave the same day are treated; outpatient clinic.
policy1 a set of principles that is used as a guide for action, esp. in a government or business. [2 definitions]
policy2 a written document that contains the terms of an insurance agreement.
policyholder the person or organization that is insured by an insurance contract.
policymaking the creation and modification of policy, esp. that which guides a government's actions.
polio poliomyelitis.
poliomyelitis a viral disease that strikes mainly in infancy and can cause paralysis, muscular atrophy, deformities, and damage to the nervous system; infantile paralysis; polio.
poliovirus any of three strains of enterovirus that causes poliomyelitis.
Polish of or pertaining to Poland or its people, culture, language, or the like. [2 definitions]
polish to give a sleek surface to, esp. by buffing. [8 definitions]