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policymaking the creation and modification of policy, esp. that which guides a government's actions.
polio poliomyelitis.
poliomyelitis a viral disease that strikes mainly in infancy and can cause paralysis, muscular atrophy, deformities, and damage to the nervous system; infantile paralysis; polio.
poliovirus any of three strains of enterovirus that causes poliomyelitis.
Polish of or pertaining to Poland or its people, culture, language, or the like. [2 definitions]
polish to give a sleek surface to, esp. by buffing. [8 definitions]
polished sleek and glossy, either from buffing or from natural causes. [2 definitions]
polish off (informal) to complete or get rid of.
politburo a Communist party's most powerful committee. [2 definitions]
polite demonstrating good manners or thoughtfulness; well-trained in deportment; courteous. [2 definitions]
politesse cultured manners; politeness.
politic political. [4 definitions]
political of, relating to, or concerned with the theory or practice of politics. [3 definitions]
political action committee an independent political organization that seeks to promote the cause of a particular interest group, usu. through fundraising and campaigning to elect candidates who support the group's views.
political economy a social science dealing with the relationships among economic processes, political policies, and social institutions.
politically in connection with or pertaining to politics, the practice of governing or the seeking of positions in government.
political primary in U.S. politics, a preliminary election in which members of each party vote for candidates to represent the party in the general election.
political science a social science dealing with politics, political institutions, and the principles and methods of government.
politician a person engaged in party politics. [3 definitions]
politicize to interpret in a political way; make political.
politicking political activity, esp. campaigning before an election.