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portal-to-portal pay a worker's wages computed from the moment of entering the workplace to the moment of leaving it.
portamento in music, a smooth sliding from one pitch to another, esp. with the voice, a violin, or the like.
portative able to be carried conveniently; portable. [2 definitions]
Port-au-Prince the seaport capital of Haiti.
port authority a government agency concerned with the road, air, and water traffic of a port or city.
portcullis a strong, sliding grill suspended at the top of a fortification gateway that can be lowered to prevent entry, as to a castle.
porte-cochère a covered carriage entrance to a courtyard. [2 definitions]
portemonnaie money-carrier (French); a small pocketbook or purse.
portend to serve as a sign or warning of; bode. [2 definitions]
portent a sign of something important, and often disastrous, that is about to occur; omen. [2 definitions]
portentous being or like a portent. [3 definitions]
porter1 one who carries luggage for travelers at a station or hotel. [2 definitions]
porter2 a dark malt ale whose color is achieved by drying the malt at a high temperature.
porterhouse a beefsteak cut from the back end of the short loin.
portfolio a portable case for transporting unbound papers or other printed material. [4 definitions]
porthole a small opening or window in the side of a ship or airplane. [2 definitions]
portico a roof supported by columns, serving as a covered walkway or building entrance.
portière a heavy or decorative curtain hung in a doorway usu. in place of a door.
portion a part of a whole. [4 definitions]
portionless combined form of portion.
Portland cement (sometimes l.c.) a cement made by heating limestone with clay and hardening under water.