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posse a group of citizens summoned by a county law enforcement official and given temporary legal authority to assist in law enforcement, as for pursuit of a criminal. [2 definitions]
possess to have as one's own property. [5 definitions]
possessed gripped or controlled by an idea, emotion, or evil spirit. [2 definitions]
possessed of having.
possession the act of possessing, or the condition of being possessed. [6 definitions]
possessionless combined form of possession.
possessive of or relating to possession. [6 definitions]
possessor one who has, owns, or possesses something.
posset a hot drink of spiced and sweetened milk curdled with wine or ale.
possibility the fact or state of being possible. [3 definitions]
possible capable of or having the potential for being, occurring, being done, or being used. [3 definitions]
possibly maybe; perhaps. [2 definitions]
possum variant of opossum.
post1 a pole or stake placed in the ground to serve as a marker, or for supporting a fence or other structure. [6 definitions]
post2 a position or duty to which one is assigned. [4 definitions]
post3 the organized delivery of mail, or an instance of such delivery. [7 definitions]
post- after; later than. [2 definitions]
postabortion combined form of abortion.
postaccident combined form of accident.
postadolescent combined form of adolescent.
postage the charge for sending a letter or parcel by mail.