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postembryonic combined form of embryonic.
post-emergency of or pertaining to the state or condition that exists after the most critical phase of an emergency has passed.
postencephalitic combined form of encephalitic.
postepileptic combined form of epileptic.
poster a large temporary sign made of sturdy paper or cardboard posted in a public place for advertising or displaying information, or a similar sign or artistic print used for decoration in a home or other non-public place.
poster board thin cardboard that comes in sheets, suitable for making posters.
posterior located behind or toward the back of something. (Cf. anterior.) [4 definitions]
posterity all generations to come. [2 definitions]
postern a small, usu. private entrance or gate, usu. in the back or at the side of a building. [2 definitions]
posteruptive combined form of eruptive.
Post Exchange trademark for a retail store on U.S. Army property that sells goods and services to military personnel and their families, and to some civilians; PX.
postexercise combined form of exercise.
postexperience combined form of experience.
postexperimental combined form of experimental.
postexposure combined form of exposure.
postfault combined form of fault.
postfire combined form of fire.
postfracture combined form of fracture.
postfreeze combined form of freeze.
post-Freudian combined form of Freudian.
postgame combined form of game.