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posthemorrhagic combined form of hemorrhagic.
post hoc relating to or consisting of an argument or claim that one event in time is the cause of the event that directly follows it, made without any other justification than that the one occurred just before the other. [2 definitions]
postholiday combined form of holiday.
postholocaust combined form of holocaust.
post horse a horse kept at a post house or inn for exchange with tired horses brought by mail couriers or stagecoaches or for hire to travelers.
posthospital combined form of hospital.
posthumous beginning, occurring, or continuing after one's death. [3 definitions]
posthypnotic of, pertaining to, or carried out in the period following a hypnotic trance.
postilion someone who rides the front, left-hand horse of a horse-drawn coach.
postimpact combined form of impact.
Post-Impressionism a late-nineteenth-century development in French painting, arising out of Impressionism, in which artists further rejected naturalism to study perceptual subtleties or the expressive dynamics in a subject, often through strong color and bold form.
postinaugural combined form of inaugural.
postindependence combined form of independence.
postindustrial of or designating a society in which the importance of heavy industry is declining, relative to that of technology and service industries.
postinfection combined form of infection.
postinjection combined form of injection.
postinoculation combined form of inoculation.
postirradiation combined form of irradiation.
postischemic combined form of ischemic.
postisolation combined form of isolation.
postlanding combined form of landing.