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Post Exchange trademark for a retail store on U.S. Army property that sells goods and services to military personnel and their families, and to some civilians; PX.
postexercise combined form of exercise.
postexperience combined form of experience.
postexperimental combined form of experimental.
postexposure combined form of exposure.
postfault combined form of fault.
postfire combined form of fire.
postfracture combined form of fracture.
postfreeze combined form of freeze.
post-Freudian combined form of Freudian.
postgame combined form of game.
postglacial existing in or happening after a period of widespread glaciation, esp. that of the Pleistocene epoch.
postgraduate of, relating to, or engaged in advanced work or study after graduation from a college, university, or the like. [2 definitions]
postgraduation combined form of graduation.
postharvest combined form of harvest.
posthaste with the greatest speed; as quickly as possible.
posthemorrhagic combined form of hemorrhagic.
post hoc relating to or consisting of an argument or claim that one event in time is the cause of the event that directly follows it, made without any other justification than that the one occurred just before the other. [2 definitions]
postholiday combined form of holiday.
postholocaust combined form of holocaust.
post horse a horse kept at a post house or inn for exchange with tired horses brought by mail couriers or stagecoaches or for hire to travelers.