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-pounder something that weighs (so many) pounds.
pound-foolish foolish or inept when dealing with large sums of money or matters of great significance. (Cf. penny-wise.)
pound net a trap for fish consisting of a system of staked nets that form an enclosure with a narrow opening.
pound sterling see "pound2."
pour to enable (a liquid or granular substance such as salt) to flow or stream, as from a container. [6 definitions]
pourable combined form of pour.
pourboire (French) money offered as a gratuity; tip.
pout1 to show unhappiness or displeasure, esp. by pushing out the lips; sulk. [5 definitions]
pout2 any of several northern marine or freshwater fishes, such as the horned pout or eelpout.
pouter one of a breed of slender, long-legged, domestic pigeons that characteristically distend their crops, puffing out their breasts. [2 definitions]
pouty sulking or cross, esp. when having the lips protruded as a sign of displeasure. [2 definitions]
poverty the condition of being poor or lacking the necessary means of support; indigence or want. [3 definitions]
poverty-stricken having little or no money or very few possessions; extremely poor.
POW abbreviation of "prisoner of war," a member of the armed forces who is taken captive by an enemy during wartime.
pow used to suggest the sound of a shot, blow, explosion, or the like. [2 definitions]
powder a mass of fine, loose particles derived from a solid material that has been ground, crushed, or the like. [9 definitions]
powder blue a pale blue color, sometimes having a slight gray or purple cast.
powder burn a skin burn caused by an explosion of gunpowder at close range.
powdered sugar a very fine sugar produced by grinding granulated sugar.
powder horn a container made from a cow's or an ox's horn, used to carry gunpowder.
powderless combined form of powder.