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practical nurse a nurse who has had some training in nursing and is often licensed by a state to provide basic care for patients, usu. under the supervision of a registered nurse.
practice an activity that is habitual or customary. [11 definitions]
practiced having experience or proficiency. [2 definitions]
practice teacher a college student who teaches elementary or secondary school under the supervision of an experienced teacher; student teacher.
practicing actively pursuing an occupation or profession.
practicum the part of a college or university course that involves practical application of the theories and principles studied in the course.
practitioner a person practicing a trade, occupation, or profession.
prae- variant of pre-.
praetor an ancient Roman magistrate, ranking below a consul and concerned primarily with civil justice.
praetorian of or pertaining to a praetor. [4 definitions]
pragmatic concerned with actual causes and effects rather than abstract theories or ideas; practical. [4 definitions]
pragmatic sanction a royal decree that becomes or has the force of a fundamental law of the land.
pragmatism a practical approach to problems and issues. [2 definitions]
pragmatist one who takes a practical approach to problems and issues. [3 definitions]
Prague the capital of the Czech Republic.
Praia the capital of Cape Verde.
prairie an expansive area of fertile, level, or rolling grassland, esp. the central North American plain.
prairie chicken either of two henlike grouse of the North American prairies that have reddish, brownish, black, and white feathers; prairie hen; prairie fowl.
prairie dog any of several small burrowing rodents that have a barklike cry and live in large colonies in the North American prairies.
prairie schooner a large covered wagon used by nineteenth-century pioneers to cross the American prairies.
prairie wolf a coyote.