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praiseworthy extremely commendable or laudable; deserving praise.
Prakrit any of several vernacular Indic languages, spoken in ancient and medieval India, as distinguished from Sanskrit, the literary language.
praline any of a variety of candies made with nuts that are cooked in a sugar syrup.
pram (chiefly British) a small, four-wheeled carriage used to transport a baby; baby carriage.
prance to move forward by raising the front legs and springing with the hind legs, as a horse does. [5 definitions]
prandial of or in connection with a meal.
prank a playful or mischievous trick; stunt.
prankish given to playing pranks; mischievous. [2 definitions]
prankster one who likes to play pranks on others.
prao variant of proa.
praseodymium a rare-earth metallic chemical element that has fifty-nine protons in each nucleus and that is usu. found together with neodymium. (symbol: Pr)
prate to talk excessively and meaninglessly; prattle. [3 definitions]
pratfall a fall in which one lands on the buttocks, often done intentionally for humorous effect.
pratique permission granted to a ship to enter a port following the ship's quarantine.
prattle to talk in a foolish and childish way; chatter meaninglessly. [3 definitions]
prawn any of a variety of edible crustaceans that resemble and are related to shrimp. [2 definitions]
praxis practical application or exercise of knowledge, as opposed to theory. [2 definitions]
pray to petition or invoke (one's god or other holy being). [4 definitions]
prayer1 a request made to a divine being. [7 definitions]
prayer2 one who prays.
prayer book a book that contains formal prayers for use in public religious services or private devotions. [2 definitions]