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precipitation the act of precipitating or state of being precipitated. [3 definitions]
precipitous very steep or sudden; rising or dropping abruptly. [2 definitions]
précis a brief summary, usu. of a written text; condensation.
precise clearly stated or strictly delineated. [5 definitions]
precisely with total accuracy; exactly.
precisian a person who adheres exactly to strict rules and forms, especially in matters of religion.
precision the quality of being precise. [3 definitions]
preclear combined form of clear.
preclearance combined form of clearance.
preclude to prevent from happening by means of prior action or previously established condition. [2 definitions]
precocious having the skills or mental capacity of a much older person. [2 definitions]
precognition supposed knowledge of a future event or situation, esp. by extrasensory perception.
precoital combined form of coital.
precollege combined form of college.
precollegiate combined form of collegiate.
precolonial combined form of colonial.
pre-Columbian of, or occurring or existing in, the Americas before the arrival of Columbus.
precombustion combined form of combustion.
precompute combined form of compute.
precomputer combined form of computer.
preconceive to have an idea or opinion about before having substantial knowledge of.