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premedical of or pertaining to a course of study preparatory to medical training.
premedieval combined form of medieval.
premeditate to consider, plan, or arrange in advance.
premeditation the act of planning, arranging, or thinking about in advance. [2 definitions]
premenstrual of, relating to, or occurring during the time immediately preceding the onset of menstruation.
premenstrual syndrome a complex of symptoms that may occur before the onset of menstrual flow, including depression, irritability, fluid retention, and breast soreness.
premerger combined form of merger.
premier see "prime minister." [3 definitions]
premiere a first public performance or showing, as of a film or stage production. [5 definitions]
premigration combined form of migration.
premise a proposition that forms the basis for an argument or a conclusion. [5 definitions]
premium something offered as an inducement, as to buy a certain product. [6 definitions]
premodern combined form of modern.
premodification combined form of modification.
premoisten combined form of moisten.
premolar in front of the molar teeth. [3 definitions]
premolt combined form of molt.
premonition an advance sign or warning; forewarning. [2 definitions]
premoral combined form of moral.
premycotic combined form of mycotic.
prenatal prior to being born or giving birth.