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pres.1 abbreviation of "present."
pres.2 abbreviation of "president."
presage an intuition or sense of a future occurrence; presentiment. [7 definitions]
presale combined form of sale.
presbyopia inability to focus on nearby objects due to age-related hardening of the lens of the eye.
presbyter an elder who served as teacher, priest, and administrator in the early Christian church. [3 definitions]
presbyterian of, pertaining to, or based on ecclesiastical rule by congregational elders or a body of church elders. [3 definitions]
presbytery a body of church elders. [4 definitions]
preschedule combined form of schedule.
preschool of, pertaining to, or suitable for children below school age. [2 definitions]
prescience knowledge of future occurrences; foreknowledge.
prescient having or exhibiting knowledge of events before they take place.
prescind to separate in thought; consider separately. [2 definitions]
prescreen combined form of screen.
prescribe to lay down as a rule or guide. [4 definitions]
prescript something that is prescribed, such as a rule of conduct.
prescriptible of an illness or the like, capable of being cured by prescription. [2 definitions]
prescription a directive written by a doctor for the preparation and use of a medicine to treat a designated patient. [2 definitions]
prescriptive that prescribes; setting down rules. [2 definitions]
preseason combined form of season.
presence the state or condition of being present. [5 definitions]