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preterit in grammar, past.
preterition the act of passing over or omitting, as the omission of an heir or heirs from a will. [2 definitions]
pretermination combined form of termination.
pretermit to overlook or neglect.
preternatural out of or beyond the natural; extraordinary or unnatural. [2 definitions]
pretest a preliminary test or trial of a product, questionnaire, or the like. [4 definitions]
pretext a false reason or claim put forward to mask one's true motive or aim.
pretheater combined form of theater.
Pretoria the administrative capital of South Africa. (Cf. Bloemfontein, Cape Town.)
pretournament combined form of tournament.
pretrain combined form of train.
pretravel combined form of travel.
pretreat combined form of treat.
pretreatment combined form of treatment.
pretrial proceedings held before a trial in order to clarify a point of fact or law. [2 definitions]
pretrimmed combined form of trimmed.
prettify to give a pretty, attractive, or pleasant appearance to (usu. something ugly or unpleasant). [2 definitions]
pretty pleasing or attractive to the senses, esp. the eyes or ears. [5 definitions]
pretzel a thin, crisp, glazed biscuit usu. shaped as a knot or stick and salted on the surface. [2 definitions]
preunification combined form of unification.
preuniversity combined form of university.