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pretty pleasing or attractive to the senses, esp. the eyes or ears. [5 definitions]
pretzel a thin, crisp, glazed biscuit usu. shaped as a knot or stick and salted on the surface. [2 definitions]
preunification combined form of unification.
preuniversity combined form of university.
prevail to emerge as dominant (often fol. by "over"). [5 definitions]
prevailing having widespread and dominant influence. [2 definitions]
prevalent generally accepted; pervasive; widespread.
prevaricate to lie, mislead, or conceal the truth deliberately.
prevent to keep or stop from occurring or from doing something. [3 definitions]
preventable having the possibility of being prevented; capable of being stopped or kept from happening.
preventative designed to serve as a hindrance or method of prevention. [2 definitions]
prevention the act or process of preventing. [2 definitions]
preventive designed to serve as a hindrance or method of prevention. [4 definitions]
preview an advance presentation or opening, as of a film, play, or exhibit, for a selected audience before viewing by the public. [4 definitions]
previous occurring just before another. [2 definitions]
previously just before another. [2 definitions]
previous question in parliamentary procedure, a motion to take an immediate vote on the topic under consideration, used esp. as a way of stopping debate.
prevision an ability to foresee; prescience. [2 definitions]
prevue variant of preview.
prewar existing, prevailing, or happening before a specific war.
prewarn combined form of warn.