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prince consort the husband of a reigning queen or other female sovereign.
princedom the area ruled by a prince; principality. [2 definitions]
Prince Edward Island a Canadian Maritime Province on an island east of New Brunswick.
princeling a minor or subordinate prince.
princely of, pertaining to, or belonging to a prince. [2 definitions]
Prince of Darkness Satan.
Prince of Peace Jesus Christ; the Messiah.
Prince of Wales a title held by the heir apparent to the British throne.
princess a female closely related to a monarch, esp. a daughter. [4 definitions]
principal first in status, value, or importance; chief; main. [4 definitions]
principality the area ruled by a prince. [2 definitions]
principally for the most part; chiefly.
principal parts in grammar, the main inflected forms of a verb, such as "freeze, froze, frozen," from which other inflected forms are derived.
principal's office the administrative office of the head of a school, sometimes seen particularly as the place where disciplinary action is carried out or where decisions with regard to discipline are made and announced.
principium a principle.
principle a law, doctrine, or assumption on which action or behavior is based. [4 definitions]
principled motivated by or having principles.
prink to dress up or adorn for show. [2 definitions]
print to reproduce (text or pictures) by transferring ink to a surface by means of mechanical pressure. [13 definitions]
printable able to be printed. [2 definitions]
printed circuit an electric circuit in which the interconnections are formed not by wires but by lines or strips of a conductive material printed, etched, or otherwise deposited on an insulating sheet.