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protectable combined form of protect.
protecting providing security; shielding from danger or harm.
protection the act of protecting or condition of being protected. [4 definitions]
protectionism the theory and practice of imposing high tariffs on imported goods to protect native industries from competition.
protective providing or intending to provide protection.
protector a person who guards against harm or danger; guardian. [2 definitions]
protectorate a smaller, weaker, or less developed country or territory under the protection and partial control of a larger or stronger one.
protégé a person under the care or sponsorship of an influential patron.
protégée a girl or woman under the care or sponsorship of an influential patron.
protein any of a group of complex organic compounds containing nitrogen and composed of chains of amino acids, found in all living organisms and considered essential to all animal life processes.
proteinuria the presence of excess protein in the urine.
pro tem abbreviation of "pro tempore" (Latin); for the time being; temporarily.
pro tempore (Latin) for a time; for the time being; temporarily. [2 definitions]
proteolysis the breaking down of proteins by gastric secretions into simpler, soluble compounds, as in digestion.
proteose any of several water-soluble compounds derived from the breakdown of proteins during digestion.
Proterozoic see "Algonkian."
protest a statement or other expression of objection or dissent. [7 definitions]
Protestant any Christian, esp. in the West, who belongs to a non-Catholic church. [3 definitions]
Protestant Episcopal Church a U.S. church descended from and modeled on the Church of England but separate and autonomous since 1789; Episcopal Church.
Protestant ethic a set of beliefs in the moral virtue of productive work, self-discipline, and frugality; Protestant work ethic; work ethic.
protestation an emphatic or earnest declaration. [3 definitions]