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profile an outline or view from the side, esp. of a human face and head. [5 definitions]
profit (often pl.) an amount of money yielded from an investment or business that exceeds the amount originally invested or paid out as expenses. [5 definitions]
profitable bringing profits. [2 definitions]
profiteer a person who gains excessive profits, esp. by selling scarce commodities at very high prices. [2 definitions]
profitless combined form of profit.
profit sharing a practice or plan in which all or part of a company's employees receive a share of the company's profits in addition to their regular wages.
profligate totally given over to immoral and shameful pursuits; dissolute. [3 definitions]
pro forma (Latin) for form; done only as a matter of form or for the sake of appearance.
profound located at, reaching to, or coming from a great depth; deep. [4 definitions]
profundity the state or condition of being profound; depth. [2 definitions]
profuse abundant or numerous; plentiful. [2 definitions]
profusion the state of being profuse. [3 definitions]
progenitor an ancestor or forebear. [2 definitions]
progeny a descendant, or descendants collectively; offspring. [2 definitions]
progesterone a hormone secreted by the ovaries that stimulates changes in the lining of the uterus to enable implantation and sustenance of a fertilized egg.
progestin any synthetic progesterone, used esp. in hormonal birth control and menopausal hormone replacement therapy.
prognathous having jaws that jut forward.
prognosis a forecast of the anticipated course of a disease, esp. of the likelihood of recovery. [2 definitions]
prognostic of, pertaining to, or serving as a prognosis. [4 definitions]
prognosticate to predict or foretell on the basis of present signs or symptoms. [3 definitions]
program a plan of procedure; schedule. [11 definitions]