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program music instrumental music intended to evoke or depict a scene, story, event, or the like.
progress movement toward a specific end; advance. [5 definitions]
progression the act of progressing. [3 definitions]
progressive moving steadily forward or onward; advancing. [8 definitions]
Progressive Party any of three short-lived U.S. political parties of the early and mid-twentieth century that advocated policies considered progressive or radical in their time.
prohibit to forbid (an action) by authority. [3 definitions]
prohibition the act of prohibiting. [4 definitions]
prohibitive serving as a prohibition; forbidding. [2 definitions]
project any undertaking that requires great effort or organization. [11 definitions]
projectable combined form of project.
projectile an object that is thrown, fired, or impelled by an outside force or weapon. [3 definitions]
projection the act or state of projecting. [7 definitions]
projection booth a small room in a theater from which film, slides, or the like are projected onto a screen; projection room.
projectionist a person who operates a film projector.
projector a machine for projecting an image onto a screen by casting a beam of light through photographic film.
prokaryote an organism that lacks a nucleus membrane and that reproduces by fission. (Cf. eukaryote.)
prolactin a pituitary hormone that stimulates milk secretion in mammals.
prolapse the falling down or slipping out of place of a body part or organ, esp. the uterus. [2 definitions]
prolate of a sphereoid, elongated or extended along the polar axis.
prolegomenon a critical, introductory essay in a book.
prolepsis the anticipation of possible arguments, before they are put forward by an opponent, in order to answer them in advance. [2 definitions]