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prostitute one who earns money by engaging in sexual relations with others for a fee. [4 definitions]
prostitution the act or practice of selling oneself for sexual purposes. [2 definitions]
prostrate to lie or throw (oneself) flat on the ground, esp. face down in an act of humility, worship, or the like. [6 definitions]
prostration severe physical or emotional exhaustion. [2 definitions]
prostyle having a portico with columns in the front only, as a classical Greek temple. [2 definitions]
prosy uninteresting or commonplace; matter-of-fact; prosaic.
Prot. abbreviation of "Protestant," any Christian, esp. in the West, who belongs to a non-Catholic church. [2 definitions]
protactinium a very toxic radioactive chemical element of the actinide series that has ninety-one protons in each nucleus and that is a product of the radioactive decay of uranium. (symbol: Pa)
protagonist the leading character in a literary work.
protasis in a conditional sentence, the clause that expresses the condition, usu. beginning with "if". (Cf. apodosis.)
protea any flowering shrub from southern Africa of the genus Protea.
protean easily changing form or character; variable or versatile. [2 definitions]
protease any enzyme that stimulates the digestion of protein.
protect to ensure the safety of; shield from danger or harm. [3 definitions]
protectable combined form of protect.
protecting providing security; shielding from danger or harm.
protection the act of protecting or condition of being protected. [4 definitions]
protectionism the theory and practice of imposing high tariffs on imported goods to protect native industries from competition.
protective providing or intending to provide protection.
protector a person who guards against harm or danger; guardian. [2 definitions]
protectorate a smaller, weaker, or less developed country or territory under the protection and partial control of a larger or stronger one.