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providence wise preparation for future events and needs; careful management; foresight; prudence. [3 definitions]
provident showing wisdom and foresight in providing for the future. [2 definitions]
providential of, relating to, or seeming to result from divine guidance or intervention; fortunate or lucky.
provider a person or organization that is a source for or supplier of a particular product or service.
providing only if; provided.
province one of the administrative divisions of a country or empire. [4 definitions]
Provincetown a U.S. town at the tip of Cape Cod in southeastern Massachusetts where English settlers called the Pilgrims first landed in 1620 before sailing to and settling at Plymouth.
provincial of, relating to, or originating in a province. [6 definitions]
provincialism narrow-mindedness, lack of sophistication, or the like, associated with or considered the result of remoteness from urban centers of culture and intellectual activity. [2 definitions]
proving ground a place, basis, or occasion for testing a theory, device, or the like.
provision the act of providing. [6 definitions]
provisional adopted on a temporary or tentative basis until something permanent is established; conditional.
proviso a clause that stipulates a condition or restriction in a document, such as a legal agreement or contract. [2 definitions]
provisory provisional; conditional.
provocation the act of provoking. [2 definitions]
provocative likely or serving to provoke; stimulating or arousing.
provoke to incite (a person) to anger, annoyance, deep emotion, or action. [3 definitions]
provolone a hard, pale, mild Italian cheese, usu. smoked and pear-shaped.
provost an official of high rank charged with managing and overseeing. [3 definitions]
provost court a military court in occupied territory for the trial of civilians or military personnel accused of minor infractions.
provost guard a police detail of soldiers under the command of a provost marshal.