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provost guard a police detail of soldiers under the command of a provost marshal.
provost marshal an army officer in charge of police functions. [2 definitions]
prow the pointed forward section of a ship or boat; bow.
prowess great skill or talent; superior ability. [2 definitions]
prowl to move about slowly and stealthily, as an animal stalks prey. [3 definitions]
prowler a person who goes about furtively, esp. if intending to commit a crime such as burglary. [2 definitions]
proxemics (used with a sing. verb) the study of how space is used and structured in work, personal relationships, and the like.
proximal located near the center of the body or toward the point of origin or attachment, as a bone. (Cf. distal.)
proximate very close or near in location or time. [3 definitions]
proximity the condition, quality, or fact of being near or close; nearness.
proximity fuze a fuze that uses a sensor to detonate a bomb, missile, or the like within a certain radius of the target.
proxy a person who is authorized to act for or on behalf of another, esp. as a voter; substitute. [3 definitions]
prude someone who is extremely or overly concerned with modesty or proper conduct, speech, dress, or the like.
prudence wisdom and caution in practical matters; sensibleness. [3 definitions]
prudent having or showing wisdom and caution in practical matters; sensible. [3 definitions]
prudential of, concerning, or caused or marked by prudence. [2 definitions]
prudery the state, quality, or characteristic of being prudish. [2 definitions]
prudish overly concerned with modest or proper conduct, speech, dress, or the like; of, like, or being a prude.
prune1 the dried or partially dried fruit of any of various common plums. [2 definitions]
prune2 to cut or remove dead or unwanted branches, twigs, or the like from; trim. [4 definitions]
pruning hook a tool with a hooked blade that is used to prune plants.