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pubes2 pl. of pubis.
pubescent reaching or having already reached puberty. [2 definitions]
pubic of, pertaining to, or located in the area of the lower abdomen that includes the front portion of the pelvis.
pubis the section of either hipbone that, together with the same section of the other hipbone, forms the front part of the pelvis.
public of, for, or pertaining to all members of a community; not private. [7 definitions]
public-address system a system of electronic amplifiers used to make sounds easily heard by a large audience, as in a theater or auditorium, or outdoors.
publican the proprietor of a pub (public house), who holds the license to sell alcoholic beverages. [2 definitions]
publication the act of publishing printed material. [4 definitions]
public debt the total amount of money owed to creditors by a local, state, or national government.
public defender an attorney who, at public expense, defends persons accused of crimes who are themselves unable to pay.
public domain land owned by the government, such as a state or national park or preserve. [2 definitions]
public enemy a criminal or other person considered a menace to society.
public house an inn or tavern; pub.
publicist a person such as a publicity agent who is in the business of bringing information to public attention.
publicity the distribution of information, as through the print or broadcast media, that attracts public attention or interest. [2 definitions]
publicize to bring to public attention.
public law a law or statute that applies to the general public. [2 definitions]
publicly in a public manner; not secretively. [2 definitions]
publicness the quality or condition of being public or publicly owned.
public opinion the collective or general opinion of a people, esp. as a deciding factor in the creation of social policy or in actions of a political nature.
public prosecutor (chiefly British) a laywer who is appointed by the government to prosecute criminal cases on the government's behalf; district attorney.