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pullulate to begin to grow or sprout out; germinate; bud. [3 definitions]
pull-up an exercise to strengthen the arms in which one hangs by the hands from an overhead bar and gradually pulls the body up until the chin is even with the bar. [2 definitions]
pull up of a vehicle, to come to a stop as directed by the driver. [6 definitions]
pull up stakes to move to another location and give up one's home, job, and the like.
pulmonary of, pertaining to, or affecting the lungs. [2 definitions]
pulp the soft, juicy part of a fruit. [8 definitions]
pulpit the raised platform or lectern at which a member of the clergy stands to address the congregation. [3 definitions]
pulpwood soft timber, such as spruce or pine, that is used to make pulp for paper.
pulpy of or like pulp; soft or mushy.
pulque a milky, fermented drink made in Mexico from the juice of certain agaves.
pulsar any of various astronomical objects, probably rapidly rotating neutron stars, that emit short, repeating pulses of radio waves.
pulsate to throb or beat with a regular rhythm, as the heart or some music. [2 definitions]
pulsatile pulsating or relating to pulsation.
pulsation a beat, throb, or vibration. [2 definitions]
pulse1 the periodic throbbing of arteries that results from the beating of the heart, esp. as felt in the wrist or neck. [5 definitions]
pulse2 an edible seed found in the pods of legumes such as peas or lentils. [2 definitions]
pulsejet engine a jet engine in which the pulsating thrust is provided by intermittent combustion produced by rapid opening and closing of the air intake valves.
pulse modulation the formation of a periodic carrier wave by a sequence of short pulses, as used in radar. [2 definitions]
pulverize to make into powder, as by crushing, grinding, or pounding. [3 definitions]
puma a variety of large wild American cat; mountain lion; cougar.
pumice light, porous hardened lava, powdered or whole, used as an abrasive and polishing agent. [2 definitions]