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punch line the phrase or sentence that contains the point of a joke.
punch out to record the time of ending work, esp. by pressing a card into a device called a time clock.
punch press a power-driven press used to shape metal by hammering or stamping.
punchy (informal) dazed or confused from, or as though from, repeated punches to the head; punch-drunk.
punctilio a small detail of etiquette or formal behavior. [2 definitions]
punctilious strictly adhering to etiquette or formalities. [2 definitions]
punctual on time; prompt. [2 definitions]
punctuate to place punctuation marks in. [4 definitions]
punctuation the process or an instance of adding certain marks, such as the question mark or comma, to groups of written words so as to indicate a pause, subordination, or quotation, or otherwise clarify meaning or inflection. [2 definitions]
punctuation mark any conventional symbol used to punctuate written text.
puncture a small hole caused esp. by a sharp or pointed object. [5 definitions]
pundit an authoritative, or purportedly authoritative, commentator or critic. [3 definitions]
pungency sharpness or bite in taste or smell.
pungent sharp and penetrating in taste or smell; acrid. [3 definitions]
punish to impose a penalty on (someone) for a real or imagined offense. [4 definitions]
punishable subject to punishment, as an offense or an offender.
punishing causing injury or exhaustion, usually by requiring strenuous physical effort. [2 definitions]
punishment a penalty imposed for a real or imagined offense. [4 definitions]
punitive pertaining to, imposed as, or imposing punishment.
punitive damages compensation awarded to a plaintiff in excess of actual damages as a means of punishing the defendant for willful wrongdoing; exemplary damages.
punitive repercussion a consequence in the form of a punishment.