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pursuant following on or proceeding from (usu. fol. by "to"). [2 definitions]
pursue to follow in an effort to reach or catch; chase. [7 definitions]
pursuit the act or process of pursuing. [3 definitions]
pursuit plane a fast military aircraft used to chase and attack enemy planes in flight; fighter plane.
pursuivant the lowest rank of officer in the British Colleges of Heralds. [2 definitions]
pursy short-winded. [2 definitions]
purulent characterized by the presence or discharge of pus.
purvey to supply or provide (esp. food, drink, or other provisions).
purview the sphere, extent, or scope of anything, such as authority or understanding. [2 definitions]
pus a thick white or yellow liquid that forms around infections and that contains white blood cells.
push to exert pressure against in order to move. [13 definitions]
pushball a game in which two teams each try to push a large heavy ball, about six feet in diameter, across the other's goal. [2 definitions]
push-button controlled by or as if by push buttons. [2 definitions]
push button a small button or knob that is pushed, esp. to close or open an electrical circuit.
pushcart a cart with wheels, used esp. by merchants who sell their goods on the street.
pushchair (chiefly British) a light four-wheeled seat for transporting children that are too young to walk far; stroller.
pusher someone or something that pushes. [2 definitions]
pushing energetic or enterprising. [2 definitions]
pushover (informal) anything that is easily done. [2 definitions]
push the panic button (slang) to react frantically to a crisis.
Pushtu Pashto.