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pyo- pus.
Pyongyang the capital of North Korea.
pyorrhea a disorder marked by inflamed gums, formation of pus, and sometimes loose teeth. [2 definitions]
pyorrhea alveolaris a chronic inflammation of the gums and tooth sockets leading to the formation of pockets of pus between the gum and tooth, erosion of bone matter, and eventual loosening and loss of the tooth.
pyramid a geometrical solid with a polygonal base from each side of which a triangle extends to a common point. [10 definitions]
pyramidal of, concerning, or resembling a pyramid.
pyre a stack of material, esp. wood, used for burning a dead body.
Pyrenees a range of mountains between France and Spain.
pyrethrum any of various chrysanthemums grown for their colorful flowers and for the preparation of an insecticide and ointment. [2 definitions]
pyretic of, relating to, causing, or affected by fever.
Pyrex trademark for glassware that resists heat and chemical abrasiveness, used esp. in cookware and laboratory utensils.
pyridine a colorless flammable liquid obtained by distilling coal tar or bone oil and used in synthesizing drugs and vitamins, as a solvent, and to denature alcohol.
pyridoxine vitamin B6.
pyrimidine an organic compound that is the fundamental form of certain bases that are constituents of nucleic acids. [2 definitions]
pyrite a common yellowish metallic mineral used as a source of iron and in the production of sulfuric acid; fool's gold.
pyrites any of a wide variety of minerals, such as pyrite, containing a metal and sulfur.
pyro- fire; heat.
pyroclastic relating to or consisting of fragments of rock that were formed by volcanic or igneous activity.
pyroelectricity an electrical charge produced in certain crystals as a result of temperature changes.
pyrography the art, practice, or process of burning designs on wood, leather, or the like with a heated tool or a flame. [2 definitions]
pyrolysis chemical decomposition or change induced by heat.