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Q.E.D. abbreviation of "quod erat demonstrandum" (Latin); which was to be demonstrated.
qintar the smaller monetary unit of Albania. (Cf. lek.)
Qoricancha an Incan sun temple located in Curzo, Peru.
qt. abbreviation of "quart" or "quarts."
q.t. (informal) abbreviation of "quiet time."
qua in the capacity of; as.
Quaalude trademark for the sedative drug methaqualone.
quack1 the sound made by a duck, or a similar sound. [2 definitions]
quack2 someone who practices medicine incompetently and often without proper training. [4 definitions]
quackery the claims, methods, or practice of a quack.
quack grass see "couch grass."
quad1 a large, open, usu. grassy area with buildings on all four sides, esp. on a college campus; quadrangle.
quad2 in printing, a piece of type that does not register, used for filling blank areas and spaces. [2 definitions]
quad3 a quadruplet.
quad4 quadraphonic. [2 definitions]
quad5 a unit of energy equal to one quadrillion British thermal units.
Quadragesima the first Sunday of Lent.
quadrangle a closed two-dimensional figure with four sides, such as a rectangle or parallelogram. [3 definitions]
quadrant one quarter of the arc of a circle. [5 definitions]
quadraphonic of, concerning, or used for the reproduction of sound, esp. music, over four distinct channels.
quadrat see "quad2." [2 definitions]