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Quaalude trademark for the sedative drug methaqualone.
quack1 the sound made by a duck, or a similar sound. [2 definitions]
quack2 someone who practices medicine incompetently and often without proper training. [4 definitions]
quackery the claims, methods, or practice of a quack.
quack grass see "couch grass."
quad1 a large, open, usu. grassy area with buildings on all four sides, esp. on a college campus; quadrangle.
quad2 in printing, a piece of type that does not register, used for filling blank areas and spaces. [2 definitions]
quad3 a quadruplet.
quad4 quadraphonic. [2 definitions]
quad5 a unit of energy equal to one quadrillion British thermal units.
Quadragesima the first Sunday of Lent.
quadrangle a closed two-dimensional figure with four sides, such as a rectangle or parallelogram. [3 definitions]
quadrant one quarter of the arc of a circle. [5 definitions]
quadraphonic of, concerning, or used for the reproduction of sound, esp. music, over four distinct channels.
quadrat see "quad2." [2 definitions]
quadrate a square or rectangle. [5 definitions]
quadratic of, concerning, or involving mathematical expressions containing a variable that is raised to the second power at most. [2 definitions]
quadratic equation in algebra, an equation in which the square is the highest power to which the unknown quantity is raised.
quadrature the act or process of squaring. [3 definitions]
quadrennial happening once every four years. [3 definitions]
quadri- four.