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quail1 any of a number of ground-dwelling birds related to the chicken and often hunted for sport and food.
quail2 to show signs of great fear, as by shrinking back, cowering, or shaking.
quaint pleasingly old-fashioned; picturesque. [2 definitions]
quake to shake, as from fear, coldness, or the like. [3 definitions]
Quaker a member of the Society of Friends.
Quaker meeting a religious meeting of Quakers, characterized by long periods of meditation and silent prayer.
quaking aspen a North American poplar, the small, roundish leaves of which tremble in even a slight breeze.
quaky inclined to shake or tremble.
qualification that which makes someone suitable for, or is required for, an activity, job, or the like. [5 definitions]
qualified having the required competency, qualities, or skills, esp. for a job. [2 definitions]
qualifier a person or thing that qualifies, esp. to participate in a competition. [2 definitions]
qualify to make eligible or competent, as for a job; certify as competent. [8 definitions]
qualitative of or concerning the nature or attributes of something, as opposed to its amount. (Cf. quantitative.)
qualitative analysis the chemical analysis of a compound or mixture to determine the elements and other ingredients of which it is composed.
quality a distinguishing feature or inherent characteristic; property or trait. [5 definitions]
quality circle any small group of workers in a factory or the like that meets regularly to discuss production improvements.
quality control a system by which to maintain a desired standard of quality in a product or process.
qualm a feeling of guilt, doubt, or misgiving. [2 definitions]
quandary a situation of uncertainty, puzzlement, or hesitation; dilemma.
quanta pl. of quantum.
quantifiable capable of being measured or counted, or of being conceived in terms of amount.