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quasar any of numerous astronomical objects that emit powerful radio waves and have red shifts associated with great distance from earth; quasi-stellar radio source.
quash1 to subdue or suppress forcefully and decisively.
quash2 to declare to be of no effect, esp. in a legal proceeding; set aside; annul.
quasi- to some extent; somewhat.
quasi-stellar radio source see "quasar."
quassia a scarlet-flowered tropical American tree, the wood of which is used in making furniture. [2 definitions]
quaternary consisting of four, or grouped in fours. [4 definitions]
quatrain a group of four lines of verse, esp. one in which every other line rhymes.
quatrefoil a four-lobed leaf or flower, esp. in art. [2 definitions]
quattrocento the fifteenth century in Italian art and literature.
quaver to tremble or shake, as from exhaustion or illness. [6 definitions]
quay a pier, wharf, or other structure built along a shore for landing, loading, and unloading boats or ships.
qubit a fundamental unit of information in quantum computing that is equivalent to the binary bit used in traditional computing; quantum bit. Whereas the binary bit can only exist in two states (0 or 1), the qubit can exist in three states (0, 1, or 0 and 1 simultaneously).
queasy feeling nausea. [3 definitions]
Quebec an eastern Canadian province on the U.S. border between New Brunswick and Ontario.
Quebecois a French-speaking native of Quebec, or a descendant thereof.
Quechua a member of a South American Indian people once dominant in the former Inca empire. [2 definitions]
queen a female ruler or monarch. [5 definitions]
Queen Anne's lace a common weed related to the carrot that bears large, lacy umbels of tiny white flowers.
queen consort a reigning king's wife.
queen dowager a king's widow.