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query a question or inquiry [8 definitions]
quesadilla a flour tortilla that is filled with cheese and spices, folded, and deep-fried.
quest a search, esp. an arduous one for something that is greatly desired. [4 definitions]
question a sentence that requests information or some other type of reply. [8 definitions]
questionable of doubtful honesty, legality, or propriety. [3 definitions]
questioning suggesting or implying a question or doubt. [3 definitions]
questionless combined form of question.
question mark a punctuation mark (?) used after a word, phrase, or sentence to indicate a direct question, or to indicate doubt or uncertainty; interrogation mark. [2 definitions]
questionnaire a list of questions aimed at gathering useful information.
quetzal any of several large trogons of Central and South America that have bright red and green plumage. [2 definitions]
queue a line, as of people, cars, or the like, esp. those waiting to be served. [4 definitions]
quibble an unimportant, petty, or trivial disagreement or objection. [2 definitions]
quiche an unsweetened pastry shell filled with custard, cheese, and one or two other ingredients, such as ham or spinach, usu. served hot from the oven.
quick happening or brought about within a short time; immediate. [10 definitions]
quick bread any bread, such as muffins or corn bread, that is made with baking powder or baking soda and requires no rising time before baking.
quicken to make faster; accelerate. [4 definitions]
quick-freeze to freeze (food) quickly, so as to preserve its taste, texture, and nutritional properties. [2 definitions]
quickie (informal) anything that is prepared or accomplished quickly, esp. to avoid adequate time or effort.
quicklime calcium oxide, obtained by roasting limestone, shells, and the like; unslaked lime.
quickly in a short time; speedily.
quick on the trigger (informal) quick to act or react, sometimes prematurely.