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quickie (informal) anything that is prepared or accomplished quickly, esp. to avoid adequate time or effort.
quicklime calcium oxide, obtained by roasting limestone, shells, and the like; unslaked lime.
quickly in a short time; speedily.
quick on the trigger (informal) quick to act or react, sometimes prematurely.
quicksand a mixture of sand and water, often found in large natural beds, that can pull down and submerge an animal or other object that stands on it.
quicksilver the chemical element mercury.
quickstep music for a military march in a quick tempo. [2 definitions]
quick-tempered tending to become angry easily; volatile.
quick time a military marching step of 120 paces per minute.
quick-witted mentally quick and alert.
quid a portion of tobacco or other material that is designed to be chewed and then spit out.
quiddity that which gives anything its specific uniqueness; essential nature. [2 definitions]
quidnunc a person who is nosy and eager to hear the latest gossip; busybody.
quid pro quo (Latin) one thing in return for another.
quiescence a state of inaction, rest, or stillness; dormancy.
quiescent in a state of inaction or rest; dormant.
quiet making little or no sound or noise. [14 definitions]
quietism a form of religious mysticism based on passive contemplation and the extinction of one's will. [2 definitions]
quietly with little or no sound.
quietude a state or condition of rest, calm, or tranquility.
quietus that which ends, silences, or suppresses; final or settling stroke. [2 definitions]