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quinoline a colorless liquid compound obtained from bones, coal tar, or alkaloids, or by synthesis, that is used as a solvent and in the making of dyes, antiseptics, and the like. [2 definitions]
quinquagenarian fifty years old or between the ages of fifty and sixty. [2 definitions]
Quinquagesima the fiftieth day before Easter; Sunday before Lent.
quinque- five.
quinquefoliolate having five leaflets, as a compound leaf.
quinquennial happening every five years. [5 definitions]
quinquevalent in chemistry, pentavalent. [2 definitions]
quinsy a swelling and reddening of the tonsils that produces pus and often an abscess.
quint (informal) one of five children born to a mother from a single pregnancy; quintuplet.
quintal a unit of weight equal to one hundred kilograms or 220.462 pounds. [2 definitions]
quintar variant of qintar.
quintessence that which most perfectly describes or typifies something; essence. [3 definitions]
quintet five musicians or singers who perform together as a group. [3 definitions]
quintillion the number represented by the Arabic numeral 1018. [2 definitions]
quintuple consisting of or divided into five parts. [4 definitions]
quintuplet one of five children born to a mother from a single pregnancy. [2 definitions]
quintuplicate a collection of five things that are exactly alike (usu. prec. by "in"). [5 definitions]
quip a short, humorous, clever, and often sarcastic utterance. [2 definitions]
quipu a device that consists of colored and knotted cords, used by the ancient Peruvians to keep accounts, record events, and the like.
quire twenty-four or twenty-five identical sheets of paper; twentieth part of a ream. [2 definitions]
quirk an odd personal trait; idiosyncrasy. [3 definitions]